Tuesday, March 24, 2009

C. Lee Intel Class 09 3/24/09 Blog

How do I assess student learning?

Daily Grade - Observation - Rubric on acceptable class participation.
Learning has occured when a student participate in activities set forth by the teacher.

Fitnessgram - Observation - Baseline measurement and recording of data - Rubric on acceptable performance on Mile Run, Pacer Run Test, Sit and Reach, Curl Up and Push Up.
Learning has occured when a student does his or her best to improve on previous performance.

Skill Assessment - Observation checklist - Rubric on all required movement forms.
Learning has occured when a student can identify and perform movement concepts set forth by the teacher.

Final Exam - Exam Taken at the end of the semester.
Learning has occured when students can apply rules, regulations and etiquette to the performance of the activity.

How do I involve student in the assessment process?

Providing expectation rubric to students.

When students know exactly what they are expected to accomplish on a given timeline, they are empowered to be responsible for their own grades.

Updating Lex-Connect with current data and grades will allow students to know where they stand as far as grades.


  1. Thanks for description. You appear to use a variety of assessments.

  2. Sounds like you have some great assessment strategies! I especially like the skill assessment rubric idea.

  3. Sounds like you use a good mix of informal and formal assessment in your class. I like that the kids are measured by the improvement from previous performances.

    I agree that it is important for kids to know exactly what is expected of them - as you mentioned, this does require them to be responsible for their own success. Just a thought . . . if you wanted to get kids involved in the actual development of some of your assessments, they could help you develop the skills assessments/oberservation checklists.