Tuesday, March 24, 2009

C. Lee Intel Class 09 3/24/09 Blog

How do I assess student learning?

Daily Grade - Observation - Rubric on acceptable class participation.
Learning has occured when a student participate in activities set forth by the teacher.

Fitnessgram - Observation - Baseline measurement and recording of data - Rubric on acceptable performance on Mile Run, Pacer Run Test, Sit and Reach, Curl Up and Push Up.
Learning has occured when a student does his or her best to improve on previous performance.

Skill Assessment - Observation checklist - Rubric on all required movement forms.
Learning has occured when a student can identify and perform movement concepts set forth by the teacher.

Final Exam - Exam Taken at the end of the semester.
Learning has occured when students can apply rules, regulations and etiquette to the performance of the activity.

How do I involve student in the assessment process?

Providing expectation rubric to students.

When students know exactly what they are expected to accomplish on a given timeline, they are empowered to be responsible for their own grades.

Updating Lex-Connect with current data and grades will allow students to know where they stand as far as grades.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Intel Class 3/3/09

-Internet Responsibility .. listed recommendations for class protection
-Open Mind - very cool tool ...
-Student Projects Consideration - brochure on a specific volleyball skill with pictures depicting important keywords used for the skill.
-Comparing Wiki and Blog - Comparison of online communication resources
-Everyone worked on Google Docs at the same time

Basically today we worked on items above.. more importantly .. the realization that using the internet as a tool to broaden the teacher and student's audience.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Intel Class 2/10/09 - Blog #2

Intel class 2/10/09 - Blog #2
Unit Description - My instructional unit is a 9 week "Fundamentals of Volleyball Course" designed to familiarize high school students with skills and techinques of volleyball through skill progression training.
On this blog, I would like to share my curriculum framing questions that is on my template.
Essential question - What do you value in Life?
Unit Question - How can you ensure a better "Quality of Life"?
Content Question - How does proficientcy in "skill related fitness"contribute to health?
Prior to developing Curriculum Framing Questions - we determined by looking through Standards - "Student Objectives / Learning Outcomes" for the Unit.
The following are the results:
1. Students will receive training and participation in two movement forms:
a. Volleyball for team sport component
b. Tennis for Individual and Dual Sport component
2. Students will be able to evaluate the efficiency if of a particular movement forms. All movement forms will include ready position, preparation for contact, point of contact, and follow-through.
a. Volleyball – Passing, Setting, Hitting and Serving.
b. Tennis – Serving, Forehand, Backhand, and Volley
3. Students will be able to find and contribute to participation of Volleyball and Tennis in the community.
a. Leagues
b. Intramurals
c. Camps
4. Students will demonstrate competence in rules, regulations, and apply proper etiquette for the enjoyment of volleyball and tennis.

Intel Class 2/3/09

Intel Class 2/3/09
Today we worked in Module One - Teaching with projects
I created a class brochure to communicate with parents essential information for my Volleyball Class. Brochure was created using Publisher.
We shared information with classmates.
Mr. Edwards has a cool application to created "random partners" that he will later share.

Intel Class 2/10/09

Today we worked on Module Number 2 - Planning My Unit
1. Looked up Physical Education Standards
2. Developed Curriculum framing questions